"I'm an intellectual adventurer [...] I'll take the risk."

(Carl Schmitt 1947)

Carl Schmitt as source

The works and writings of the state and constitutional lawyer are open. Generations of researchers bear witness to this with a spectrum of adaptations and updates that can no longer be grasped. The Carl Schmitt Society would like to promote and shape this process at the same time and is therefore examining the state of research in countries where Schmitt reception is particularly lively. The Society hopes that the following information will also give younger scientists access to the work and person of Carl Schmitt and promote the international exchange of positions.

By Carl Schmitt

At this point, the Society provides an overview of Carl Schmitt as an author and shows which monographs are currently available in bookstores, sorted by publisher. The Schmittiania and the Plettenberg miniatures, which are published by the society itself and which mainly contain sources and notes by Schmitt, are also included here. Finally, a chronological list of works also provides information on writings that are not currently published.

Status of processing: 01.08.2021

To Carl Schmitt

With this selected bibliography, the society intends to document the worldwide reception of Carl Schmitt since 2007 and to make research perspectives outside of Europe better known. The rhythm of the new entries is every six months. Countries with a particularly intensive scientific discussion and perception of Carl Schmitt are highlighted with their own publication lists. 

Status of processing: 01/15/2021